Tuusulanjärvi Big Band

Tuusulanjärvi Big Band is a full size big band orchestra having its home in center of Uusimaa county. The band has operated over 20 years and has been active performer also abroad. Repertoire stretches from traditional big band jazz to modern Finnish jazz compositions and includes also from light music “evergreens” to contemporary pieces from known artists.

The band-leader and the artistic director is young talented guitarist Petri Krzywacki. Tuusulanjärvi Big Band ry is running the activities of this orchestra. The chairman of this association has been Kari Leminen since December of year 2008.

Contact information

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Tuusulanjärvi Big Band ry
E-Mail:  yhteydenotot(at)tjbb.fi

The chairman: Kari Leminen, Tuusula, Tel +358 40 5612838

The other members of the board:
Tünde Mäkäräinen, Järvenpää, Tel +358 41 5059261
Timo Pyörny, Sipoo, Tel +358 50 3667438
Juha Tolsa, Helsinki, Tel +358 50 5460330
Eero Valovirta, Tuusula, Tel +358 50 5552428

The band-leader: Petri Krzywacki, Vantaa, Tel +358 50 3251838

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